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The World of Shearwater

eSail brings to you the world of the Shearwater Islands located in the Mid Atlantic. The islands are formed by volcanic activity (the location is on the Mid Atlantic Ridge). In the late 20th Century, the British charted the main island and provided buoyage and lights.

NOTE: the channel markers follow the British system with red to the port and green to the starboard as you enter the channel or harbour heading towards the land.

There is now also a new sailing area to the North of the main Shearwater group. You can navigate to these new islands using the recently published Chart B2 (available inside eSail). Discover points of interest (POIs) such as a lava flow, the fantastic double Golden Angel Falls and the Seismic Monitoring Station on the slopes of Mt. Mallory – an active volcano.

Sailing Simulator Chart


Over the years there has been some industrial activity, in particular with the islands being used as oil storage facility for shipping. However, most of the islands are completely unspoilt, with numerous bays for anchoring and and enjoying the wildlife…

Being strategically located, the islands have changed hands many times. The Spanish, British, Americans and Italians have all left their mark – the latter building the folly known as Little Venice. This town has many buildings virtually identical to those found in the real Venice. The builders have thoughtfully created canals large enough to sail along with few bridges, so you can motor, sail and even race along the watery streets!


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