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eSail V1 is the just the start of a complete sailing learning system. Unlike other simulators which are mainly aimed at racing, eSail is designed to help you learn real sailing skills which can be transferred into the real world. And sailing instructors can use eSail to demonstrate specific techniques. For example, winding a line onto a winch correctly.

The learning gap

eSail has been designed to fill the gap between theory and practical training. Books, training manuals, classroom based or online courses are all essential tools, but nothing can beat being out on the water to really learn how to sail!

But for many people, the opportunities to sail yachts comes only once or twice a year on the annual vacation. eSail now provides a way of being out on the water, and enjoying learning new sailing skills while navigating the virtual seas!

eSail works hand in hand with shore-based and practical courses:

  • Provides a way of practising and refreshing skills
  • Includes a complete sailing course – ‘Learn Yachting with eSail’ with 17 detailed tutorials.
  • Sailing skills such as reefing, mooring, charting and anchoring are included.
  • Works to support practical and theory training courses from organisations such as US Sailing and the RYA.
  • Includes challenges to master your skills, such as races, treasure hunts and steering challenges.
  • eSail can be enjoyed by beginners and competent sailors.
  • Can be used in sailing classes by qualified instructors.

This is a full list of training ‘lessons’ included:

Quick Start (for those who already know their way around a boat)
Getting Started
eSail Controls
Know Your Boat Challenge (Beginners)
Steering Challenge – Buoy Course
Steering Challenge – Into the Wind
Control Lines, Winches and Jammers
Raising the Mainsail
Adjusting the Mainsail
Unfurling and Adjusting the Jib
Tacking and Gybing
Lowering the Sails
Sail Hoisting Challenge
Mooring Alongside
Stern-to Mooring ( or ‘Mediterranean mooring’)
Sail Twist
Sail Depth


The tutorials take you on a virtual journey, during which you raise the sails, practice reefing, try mooring and learn good anchoring technique. eSail also includes a charting tool with plotter and dividers so you can try out navigation. Finally you arrive at sunset at Maxwell Marina, by which time you are familiar with handling your boat using sails and engine. Once you have completed the course you will be ready to navigate around the ‘legendary’ Shearwater Islands and voyage the high seas.

​You can also take part in challenges including treasure hunts, races, steering and anchoring competitions. eSail is not really a racing game (although there are races), it’s software that aims to make you a better sailor. So all the challenges have a valid training purpose. For instance, the treasure hunts help you develop steering and throttle control; the races give you a greater awareness of what is round you and the ability to multitask; the anchoring challenges help you assess the sea bed, wind and estimate the likely circle your boat will follow as the wind changes.

So eSail is the perfect tool for learning new skills, refreshing old skills and having fun in the process.

Answer this sailing question…

A CQR is a type of what?


eSail is available for Windows and Apple Mac.
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