How to Purchase

​eSail is available through the Steam platform for $19.99 or a similar price in your local currency.  This is not a subscription – once you have paid you own the software forever!

​When you buy through Steam, eSail is downloaded to your PC or Mac and all updates are automatic.  Steam also enables you to chat to friends, upload screenshots, view leaderboards and join the eSail forum.

Visit eSail on Steam

eSail as a Gift

Probably the simplest way to gift eSail is by buying a physical Steam Gift Card. They are available at WH Smiths, Currys/PC World, Walmart etc.  You can buy them in store and online (with free delivery if you shop around). Please make sure you only buy from a reputable store.

Hint:  Print out one of our ‘Gifting’ PDFs to include with your gift card!


Redeem a Gift Card

1) First Install the Steam ‘client’ by visiting eSail on Steam and then the ‘Install Steam’ button.
2) Redeem your Gift Card code here.
3) Return to eSail on Steam and click ‘Add to Cart’.

eSail is available for Windows and Apple Mac.
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