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Sailing Challenges

eSail will help you develop your skills with races, steering challenges, anchoring, ‘know your boat’ challenges and other sailing games.  Receive gold, silver or bronze medals and see your results in the eSail leaderboards.

Anchoring Challenge


In these challenges you anchor up, then we check your swing circle by applying different wind directions.

You need to take into account the condition of the sea bed and lay down enough anchor chain.

Boat cockpit

eSail Races

With eSail races you pit your skills against ‘computer skippered’ boats without having to worry about all the rules and regulations of a real sailing regatta. You will become skilled at race tactics, tacking, gybing and trimming the sails including using the mainsheet, jib sheets and kicker (boom vang).

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Sailing Simulator Chart

Passage Planning

Using our unique boat simulator charting tool, create a course between locations such as Maxwell Marina and Frazer Town via given waypoints. At the end of your voyage make sure you moor up safely (using your fenders) without making contact with the jetty.

eSail Challenges & Quick Quiz

Treasure Hunts

It’s all about throttle control! You need to get close enough to click on your prize without drifting into the jetty or quay.

In this fun sailing game, don’t go too fast when you grab your vase or it will end up smashed on the deck!

Here is a quiz to check your sailing knowledge!

1. Looking forward on a boat, which side is ‘starboard’?


2. A line used to hoist or lower a sail is called what?


3. How many ropes are there on sailing boat?


4. The wind felt by those aboard a moving boat is known as what?


5. The guard rail and area around the forward deck is known as the ‘pulpit’.


6. When your boat is stuck pointing straight into the wind so you cannot sail, you are in what?


7. A ‘pan-pan’ distress signal sent by radio means what?


8. When a wind is ‘veering’ it is doing what?


9. A typical small sailing yacht with mainsail and jib is known as what?


10. The best way to learn to sail is on a real boat.


Question 1 of 10

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