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“I’ve played a few boating sims & this one has the most realistic wave & boat dynamics, plus other sailing sims usually focus on racing and just sailing whereas this enables you to have a go at anchoring, mooring alongside in harbour & has a comprehensive selection of sailing operations (correct procedure for operating sheets/halyards) plus realistic boat reactions to various operations & weather conditions.

All in all pretty realistic for a PC sim & I own my own yacht so can appreciate the realism. The only downside for me is that I would like more of the world to sail in, although I believe the developers are working on adding some new scenery. Only a minor gripe is also the graphics quality of the boat & scenery but I appreciate this is probably so we can have realistic boat handling & dynamics which I would rather have than pretty stuff to look at! Thanks very much for this & well done on a great job!”

“A few things I find particularly great about this sim which outmatches other sailing games/sims is

1) the weather – just as you do in Real life, if you go behind a headland or mountain range sheltered from the wind, it drops and the sea-state eases – BRILLIANT!

2) the anchoring part of this sim is spot-on and I found myself doing just the same things (and making the same errors!) as I had done on my own boats!

3) the third & final thing is the mooring feature – only one other sim supported this and that was very basic in nature by clicking one button – here you are able to control the lines and ease or tighten them to your satisfaction!

Then when it’s time to go out again, you can create slip-lines and ease your boat slowly out of its berth!” 

“If you are an experienced sailor, you will be comfortable with all the lines, winches and jammers you’ll need to operate a 38′ yacht. She comes complete with a main and jib, a cabin with a nav table, running lights, a rudimentary GPS, water fowl and sea life, and an inboard engine!” USER REVIEW

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