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Chris Baldwin

Practical Boat Owner: eSail ‘Compelling’

Practical Boat Owner eSail Sailing Simulator review

(3rd Nov 2018) Thank you to Rupert Holmes for a great write up in PBO.

Rupert was one of several sailing writers who tried out eSail for themselves at our recent press launch.

In a comprehensive review in Practical Boat Owner he wrote that eSail “accurately reflects the way a boat will respond to handling in real life… Even as someone who spends some 120 days a year on the water and sails 400-500 miles per year, I found it surprisingly compelling. As well as being a great learning tool, and great reminder for skippers and crew who only get occasional opportunities to sail, it’s great fun in its own right and provides the opportunity to get a sailing ‘fix’ whenever you have a spare 15-20 minutes.”