New 'Man Overboard' Add-on Launched
Chris Baldwin

New ‘Man Overboard’ Add-on Launched

Man Overboard from eSail

(8th December 2019) eSail has today launched a new ‘Man Overboard’ (MOB) add-on for eSail Sailing Simulator. The add-on – or downloadable content (DLC) – has been developed with the help of marine safety expert Keith Colwell, author of the RYA Sea Survival Handbook. It includes tutorials, challenges and random triggering of MOB during normal sailing. The drill includes heaving-to, deploying equipment and recovery of the MOB under power and sail.

‘Man Overboard’ features 2 tutorials, 2 challenges and a random MOB mode while ‘Live Sailing’ so you can test your readiness when the unexpected happens.

Man Overboard on Steam

Man Overboard was created in close collaboration with Keith Colwell. Keith has worked for many years as a reporter and editor for sailing journals. He has also worked for the RNLI for 15 years and during that time trained and managed RNLI Sea Safety and Community Safety volunteers to give advice to yachtsmen, boat users and the general public on how to stay safe when on or by the water. He became a RYA sea survival, powerboat and marine vhf radio instructor/assessor in 2004, while working for the RNLI, and currently works as a freelance instructor.

The ‘Man Overboard’ add-on is part of eSail’s commitment to improving and increasing the quality of learning tools available for the sailing community. See more about learning to sail with eSail here.