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Launched: eSail v1.5 with new islands and an active volcano!

eSail volcano

(12 August 2019) Today we announce a new version of eSail with some great new features.

Firstly we have added new Sailing Areas. Now Master Explorers have access to newly charted islands to the North of Shearwater. The islands include ‘Navarone’ which is dominated by a huge active volcano – Mt. Mallory. To become a Master Explorer you need to collect all 13 level 1 POIs (Points of Interest).

NEW POIs. There are 9 new ‘Points of Interest’ for you to find including the beautiful double Golden Angel Falls and a Seismic Monitoring Station.

New Chart B2 – Shearwater to Navarone. This is a new small scale chart from the Shearwater Coast Guard covering the whole North Shearwater area. You can find the chart in a new drawer under the chart table (available to Master Explorers only).

See the purchase options here: How to Purchase
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