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Chris Baldwin

New eSail Sailing Simulator Update!

eSail improved boat detail

(23rd Mar 2019) Today we have released a new version of eSail Sailing Simulator with lots of new features. Full details can be found under eSail Support.

1) Better ropes (sailing control lines). Available on the highest quality level. We also have kept the older lines for lower quality levels. Getting both working smoothly has been quite fiddly!

2) Improved boat detailing – mainly pulleys and nav lights. Again this is on the highest quality.

3) Added ‘Detailed water’ (Settings) this gives you a bow wave and water with more detail and less tiling.

4) Added new ‘Boat views’ showing the boat from 4 directions. There is a little diamond button near the SmartView button so you can quickly toggle between them.

5) Added keyboard controls for views including new BoatViews.

6) Zoom speed setting. This changes speed when using keyboard and mouse scroll.

7) Volume settings for collisions, narration etc.

8) Numerous bug fixes, especially improved AutoSail to make it more consistent.

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