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Chris Baldwin

NEW eSail Sailing Simulator adds Russian and French

eSail Sailing Simulator

(24 Mar 2020) eSail Sailing Simulator v1.7 now has French and Russian language support provided by the eSail community. Adding localisation has been a big task and at the same time we have upgraded the underlying Unity engine which will bring future benefits. There are also a number of other minor improvements and changes:

New binoculars to help with navigation
Mainsail boom now moves more realistically when mainsheet is slack
Improved the look of sail cloth so it responds better to lighting
Weather forecasts now also have text in a new comms panel, helping when wind and wave sounds might make it difficult to hear
Telltales are brighter
Marine life scaled down

Thank you to the amazing community translators who have made this release possible.

eSail works together with traditional classroom and practical yacht sail training from organisations such as the RYA, Fédération Française de Voile, US Sailing, Sail Canada.

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