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Chris Baldwin

New eSail Pro launched!

(August 8th 2023) eSail Pro has been launched today, the latest add-on for eSail Sailing Simulator. eSail Pro takes the simulator to the next level with advanced instruments, a refillable fuel tank and more.

The new instruments include a fuel gauge which also shows engine hours. You can fill your new fuel tank (size 15 gallons) at Port Fogerty on the South of the main Shearwater Island.

You also get a new wind indicator, showing true and apparent wind speed/direction. Below this you have a new autopilot instrument, providing incremental controls and the ability to set the autopilot to the wind. This is very useful when you are racing, but is a convenience in general sailing too.

eSail Pro enables you to try more advanced sailing such as mooring under sail. And we have also added a Mooring Sandbox where you can set wind speed and direction to practise your mooring. This is supported by two new tutorials covering more advanced mooring techniques and how to get the best out of eSail Pro.

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