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Chris Baldwin

eSail Update 1.5.39

eSail hand compass

(26 October 2019) eSail Update 1.5.39 released today has 2 new features and fixes a few small issues.

1) There is now a hand compass. See the yellow button near the main compass on the dashboard.

2) You can now pin alerts. These are the little pop up windows. We will be using these more as things get more advanced, so this will make it easier to refer back to the pop up information. At the moment the pins only last during a tutorial or challenge.

3) Fixes a missing ‘close up’ window on the course plotter in the charting module, making it hard to see the numbers on the protractor.

4) Stops points being deducted on challenges when fenders hit the jetty.

5) Further work has been done to avoid screen dragging while dragging on the throttle.

Thank you to all eSailors and beta testers for your feedback!