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eSail sailing boat
Chris Baldwin

Season’s Greeting!

The team at eSail wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We would also like to send special thanks to all our eSail users and amazing community volunteers for your translations and help this year. We look ...

eSail asymmetric sail
Chris Baldwin

New esail v2 planned for 2021

A new version of eSail will be launched in 2021.  eSail V2 will have many exciting new features including. A new asymmetric spinnaker.  This is deployed using a snuffer (or sock). It’s great for downwind racing! A sandbox mode where ...

eSail Segelsimulator
Chris Baldwin

eSail Segelsimulator – die deutsche Version

(06 May 2020) Die deutsche Version von eSail ist endlich da! Nach mehrmonatiger Arbeit von 7 Übersetzern und Revisoren ist eSail nun für Deutschsprachige viel besser zugänglich. Neben der Übersetzung der Haupttutorials, der Herausforderungen und der Benutzeroberfläche, haben wir auch ...

eSail Sailing Simulator
Chris Baldwin

Nouvelle version eSail SIMULATEUR DE VOILE – Français et Russe

(24 Mar 2020) La version v1.7 de eSail inclut le support des langues françaises et russes, fourni par la communauté eSail. L’ajout de langues additionnelles a nécessité un travail important, et nous avons en parallèle fait évoluer le moteur utilisé ...

eSail Sailing Simulator
Chris Baldwin

NEW eSail Sailing Simulator adds Russian and French

(24 Mar 2020) eSail Sailing Simulator v1.7 now has French and Russian language support provided by the eSail community. Adding localisation has been a big task and at the same time we have upgraded the underlying Unity engine which will ...

Chris Baldwin

Happy Christmas from eSail!

(16 Dec 2019) Thank you to our eSail users for all the support we have received during 2019. We look forward to lots of exciting new developments during 2020! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Man Overboard from eSail
Chris Baldwin

New ‘Man Overboard’ Add-on Launched

(8th December 2019) eSail has today launched a new ‘Man Overboard’ (MOB) add-on for eSail Sailing Simulator. The add-on – or downloadable content (DLC) – has been developed with the help of marine safety expert Keith Colwell, author of the ...

eSail volcano
Chris Baldwin

Launched: eSail v1.5 with new islands and an active volcano!

(12 August 2019) Today we announce a new version of eSail with some great new features. Firstly we have added new Sailing Areas. Now Master Explorers have access to newly charted islands to the North of Shearwater. The islands include ...

Get inspired
Chris Baldwin

eSail at Get Inspired!

(8 Nov 2018) We had a great time at Get Inspired #Southampton inspiring 1300 children to get involved in game development, boat design or anything where they can use their creativity and imagination to build for the future. Thank you ...

eSail Sailing Simulator Press Launch
Chris Baldwin

eSail Press Launch

(5th Oct 2018) It was fantastic seeing the reaction of the UK’s sailing press at the Press Launch of eSail Sailing Simulator. As well as all the leading sailing journals, we were also joined by Conrad Manning, a leading naval ...