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eSail improved boat detail
Chris Baldwin

New eSail Sailing Simulator Update!

(23rd Mar 2019) Today we have released a new version of eSail Sailing Simulator with lots of new features. Full details can be found under eSail Support. 1) Better ropes (sailing control lines). Available on the highest quality level. We ...

Sailing simulator ropes
Chris Baldwin

New eSail update due soon!

(Feb 8th 2019) The next version of eSail is just weeks away! This update is focussed on improving the graphics in a number of areas, as well as the normal bug fixes. Meanwhile great reviews have been coming in pushing ...

Yachting Monthly Review
Chris Baldwin

Yachting Monthly: eSail Tested

(14 Nov 2018) eSail Sailing Simulator featured in the Tested section of Yachting Monthly December 2018 issue. ​ ” VERDICT: There is a vast amount to explore and learn in the simulator – plenty to fill the long cold boat-less ...

Get inspired
Chris Baldwin

eSail at Get Inspired!

(8 Nov 2018) We had a great time at Get Inspired #Southampton inspiring 1300 children to get involved in game development, boat design or anything where they can use their creativity and imagination to build for the future. Thank you ...

Practical Boat Owner eSail Sailing Simulator review
Chris Baldwin

Practical Boat Owner: eSail ‘Compelling’

(3rd Nov 2018) Thank you to Rupert Holmes for a great write up in PBO. Rupert was one of several sailing writers who tried out eSail for themselves at our recent press launch. In a comprehensive review in Practical Boat ...

eSail Sailing Simulator Backstay Tensioner
Chris Baldwin

WOW! New eSail for Windows & Mac

(13 Oct 2018) Today we have released a new version of eSail Sailing Simulator with new trim controls and 2 new tutorials. There is also a new race – the East Shearwater Drag Race. eSail v1.3 includes a voice over ...

eSail Sailing Simulator Press Launch
Chris Baldwin

eSail Press Launch

(5th Oct 2018) It was fantastic seeing the reaction of the UK’s sailing press at the Press Launch of eSail Sailing Simulator. As well as all the leading sailing journals, we were also joined by Conrad Manning, a leading naval ...

Lendy Cowes
Chris Baldwin

eSail at Lendy Cowes Week

(10 Aug 2018) We had a great time today at Lendy Cowes. There are some great spots on shore for watching the regattas. Also lots of activities such as great bands. Highly recommended. Back to sailing simulator development tomorrow!

Sailing Simulator Chart
Chris Baldwin

eSail – Getting Better All the Time

(31 May 2018) It is always difficult to know exactly when to release software, but when we put our first release on Steam it was because we felt eSail was good enough to enter the Early Access programme. This phase ...

Sim UK eSail Review
Chris Baldwin

Best Sailing Sim Tutorial EVER!! | Sim UK Review

(1st May 2018) Today we received our first video review which was pretty good! Lots of great observations in this video. SIM UK FULL REVIEW ​ eSail – Sailing Simulator has raised the benchmark higher for comprehensive, fully detailed and ...