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Chris Baldwin

Best Sailing Sim Tutorial EVER!! | Sim UK Review

Sim UK eSail Review

(1st May 2018) Today we received our first video review which was pretty good! Lots of great observations in this video.


eSail – Sailing Simulator has raised the benchmark higher for comprehensive, fully detailed and exhaustively accurate Sailing education. Simply put the tutorials included here are brilliant!

(See for the review with a table showing all the Sim UK ratings).

== PRO ==
– The tutorials are just excellent. So much detail, so accurate and so well explained.
– The crew animation; when you see them hard at work…it really works.
– Environment, good layout and variety.
– Mooring. Yes! This game fully models and teaches mooring!
– Charts and plotting, nicely done & adds a yet another layer of realism to proceedings.
– Physics on the most part are good, authentic and believable.
– Dropping and weighing anchor! (Including a Full tutorial).
– Ship damage…Not fully implemented (don’t think you can sink yet).
– Challenges & Races + More!

== CON ==
– Ocean does not look as realistic as other similar titles, it’s OK but not brilliant.
– Graphically it is OK, but other similar titles have stronger graphical eye candy.
– You cannot (currently) Issue commands to both crewmembers at the same time.
– Some audio is out of sync with animation (Winches).

Unquestionably this is the most comprehensive sailing tutorial I have ever experienced. It is certainly good enough to teach new and existing sailors all the most important & fundamental skills for yacht sailing.

If there are no plans to expand this title as a professional tool for teaching then it should be considered because they have managed the entire tutorial aspect brilliantly. It is well explained, detailed and even the timing seems spot on.

This game is unique, I am glad to say. The way in which the crew are animated is so clever. I must admit I wasn’t too keen at first but when you make that first Jibe and the crew are working frantically to keep the lines trimmed it suddenly feels very realistic and extremely authentic; just brilliant.

I highly recommend this title even whilst it is EA, it is already very accomplished.

== what I’d Like to See ==
I’d like to see better sea animation and graphics across the board, that’s not to say it is bad however. Other similar sailing games recently released do look better but lack so much content in comparison to this title, so it is 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. If eSail could improve the sea animation I think it would have it all.

I would also like to see more ocean / landmass to explore. The entire planet would be excellent but unlikely. Perhaps the release of detailed sailing hotspots and Points of Interest DLC’s could ensure this game continues to develop and expand over time.

At present there is just a single 36’ sailing yacht, obvious I’d like to see a variety of boats we can jump on and learn how to master.

Lots more is planned from this development team and I cannot wait to see what.