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Chris Baldwin

Autumn Series winners announced!

eSail multiplayer race

(November 28th 2022) This November was the first time we ran events right across the Shearwater Islands.

First place goes to the amazing Dofour75 (global leader, 2022 leader and multiple previous winner) from Greece who will receive a choice of ANY product from the store!

Second place goes to CSL29 from the UK, previous winner of the Summer Series, who will receive a choice of any product up to the value of £20.

Third place goes to Fragger from the USA who is rapidly becoming one of the most consistent sailors. He will receive any product up to the value of £15.

And fourth place to cbengo from the UK who is also a skipper to watch! cbengro will also receive a prize up to the value of £15.

Would winners please contact eSail support to let us know your prize selections including delivery address and size/colors required.

Thank you to everyone who took part.
Chris Baldwin and the eSail Team